diy project life buttons

DIY Project Life Buttons

I just got a button maker and it is one of the coolest things in my craft room! I couldn’t wait to find a reason to use it and the perfect one came up this weekend! I went to a planner meet up at this sweet little shop in Point Loma called Paper Tales and had the best time! Now, it is customary for people to bring swaps to trade with other planner gals and I thought it would be fun to take some of my favorite Project Life cards and turn them into cute little pins! Check them out!

project life buttons

It all started with some fun project life cards, I chose ones with quotes in the middle of the card.

project life buttons 2

I had a fun little tool that cut 2.25″ circles but you could use a circle punch as well.

project life buttons 3

I think that it is easiest to do one step at a time so I cut all the circles at once.

project life buttons 4

Then I layered my button assembly according to the package directions with the blue right first, then the flat back, artwork and a piece of thin plastic, then the yellow ring.

project life buttons 6

Once all that is assembled, I pressed it down on the gray ring.

project life buttons 7

Last, the red piece was put on the top and pressed down, then the back of the pin was added on the back and the green piece over that. Then all that was left was to put the whole set up in the press and compress all of it together. I found that it was also helpful to do a light press around the edges as well to make sure that everything was secure.

project life buttons 8

I love how they came out and it was a fun and different swap and would be great for any conference or meet up where you want to trade goodies with your peers. Since the possibilities for artwork are endless, you could make them fit any event!

project life buttons 9


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