diy planner sticker book

DIY Planner Sticker Book

As you have probably noticed, I am just slightly into my planner. The stickers, the washi tape, fancy papers, colorful pens, all of it. I have drank the Kool-aid so to speak. Naturally, I have acquired quite the stash of stickers and needed an organized way to store them and this is by far the best way I have found so far! Check it out!

It all started with my new hole punch for the Happy Planner, I just made a cover, printed it on cardstock and I was half way there! If you like my cover, you can download it here-> Planners Gotta Plan Cover

After they were printed, I trimmed the cover and an extra piece for the back cover down.

Then I laminated both pieces with my personal laminator.

Once I trimmed off the excess plastic, I punched both the front and back covers with the Happy Planner punch.

While at Michaels, I picked up an extra set of rings, they are only a few dollars with a coupon and between the app and website you can always have a coupon.

I popped them into the front and back cover and the shell was done!

All I had to do was add the stickers and it was done! So that I didn’t hole punch any of my stickers, I hole punched some two inch wide strips of paper and attached my sticker sheets to the strips with double sided tape.

diy planner sticker book 8

I love how easy it is to store, organize and use my stickers this way! Next up, washi tape!


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