diy photo display

DIY Photo Display

I like photos.

That probably explains why I take so many. Also why I want them all over the house.

And since I have so many, I am always looking for new ways to display them and I created a new piece for my entry way that I am pretty happy with!

photo display

It is quick and easy and I can change the photos out as I get new ones, to match the season or holiday or for whatever other reason I find. I made it with things I found around the house so the only money I spent was a couple dollars on mini clothes pins. Fabulous!

First I found a piece of wood in the garage and cut it in half, you can make them any length you want to fit your space. That is the great thing about this project is that you can make it taller or wider or whatever you need for your space. After they were cut, I grabbed a can of black spray paint and gave them a couple of coats- I didn’t do the back because, well it just seemed like a waste of time since it would be up against the wall. Then it came to putting in the little loops that will hold the baker’s twine in the end. I got the little picture hanging kit from the dollar store- awesome. Then I grabbed my measuring tape and put them down the board, 5 inches apart. I just screwed them in by hand. When it came to the second piece, I just lined it up next to the other one and then put the pieces in between the loops on the first one.

photo holder 1

When it comes to hanging it on the wall, my awesome hubby helped because he just does it much faster than I do, and in all honesty, I was making dinner. He first pre-drilled the holes and then put holes in the walls so he could hammer in some drywall screws. They weren’t going into studs, so this was necessary. Then he was able to easily screw each one into the wall. I plan on going back and painting the top of the screws black so that they blend in a bit better.

photo holder 2All that is left now is running the baker’s twine through all the loops and tying it off on each end. Then the clothes pins and photos finish it off! I love the addition of the little Project Life cards to break it up a bit.

photo holder 3

Here a couple more close up pictures.

photo collage 4

How do you like to share pictures?

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