diy photo backdrop

DIY Photo Backdrop

It is the last day of school, that means my daughter has officially made it through another year and become another year older. That last part is really annoying as it means she isn’t staying little like I had requested. But that is ok, I might as well drown my sorrows in a craft project, right?! Of course I planned on taking the normal last day of school picture, but I am known for creating a backdrop and bringing a sign to the school so all the other parents can take cute last (or first) day of school pictures as well! That mixed with the fact the the lovely people at DCWV sent me some AMAZING scrapbook paper that inspired this whole project and I knew that I was going to go big, check it out!

diy photo backdrop

First, let’s start with the paper, I love their 48 count stacks because the thicker paper is so wonderful and sturdy to work with, perfect for making excessive amounts of yo yos, and second, aren’t the papers in the Bohemian Sunrise stack that I used for this backdrop just dreamy?! Look at them together!

diy backdrop 3

Now, I thought I would pop in a little video tutorial for this one on how to make the yo yo’s, it is super easy and a really great project to do while watching your favorite TV shows. When I brought it to school, everyone was shocked that I made them all and I told them it was because I wanted to keep my hands busy while I binge watched a little show that came out with season two last weekend. You may have heard of it… Orange is the New Black? Yeah, all 13 episodes in 3 days, but instead of snacking, I made something like 80 yo yos. Yes, crafter’s diet here I come!

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When it came to making the backdrop, I went with tri-fold poster boards because they were the most affordable, I was working with preschoolers so, since they are only 36 inches tall, I needed two. I layered them one on top of the other and then slide the top one up about a foot to make the whole background taller and then I taped it on the front and the back with packing tape.

On the front, I used tape to hold the side flaps in a bit and then glued the yo yos all over and any extra I had I used to make it even taller on the top and then layered some more over the back.

diy photo backdrop 4

Seriously, I love how it came out!!

diy photo backdrop 2

Here is the side by side of her first day of school and last day of school pictures from this year (yeah, I know she looks exhausted in her first day of school picture).

3 year old class collage

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