diy outdoor couch

DIY Outdoor Couch

Sometimes, you get the urge to build… or at least I do. Just that feeling hit me a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to build something so I went surfing on Ana White’s website because she has free plans for so many projects. I have been thinking about a couch for my backyard for a while now I immediately looked for outdoor projects. At this point, I don’t think I was fully committed to following through on this task because ADHD is totally a thing that hinders lots of activities but I was enjoying the searching process so I just kept on looking around. That is when I saw the 2×4 couch and I had to make it! Check it out!

diy outdoor couch

It was the perfect afternoon project if you are fairly comfortable with a drill and a miter saw. Other than the Kreg jig, I had all the tools I needed and a jig has been that one tool I have been missing on so many projects so I figured this was a great time to just pick one up. So off I went to Home Depot, practically skipping, with my shopping list.

diy outdoor couch 3

I am the daughter of a father who has been in the construction business for years so I know what I am looking for when it comes to lumber. Nothing warped or mangled will do, but let me tell you, shopping for lumber on your own invites many, well meaning, employees asking if you’ve got it. I did, I was in my happy place after all! Nothing beat the check out process where the older gentlemen insisted someone needed to help me to my car and couldn’t believe that my husband sent me to do his shopping on my own. I had to laugh out loud because you couldn’t pay Wade to use my saw. I politely declined partly because I really didn’t need help and mostly because I have never fit a 10 foot 2×4 in my Scion XB, let alone 11 of them and I didn’t need someone watching over my shoulder while I played tetris with my car. With some moving of the seats and creative thinking, I was able to fit them all in my car and off I went to get started.

diy outdoor couch 2

Everything came together easily in one afternoon and I was able to comfortable complete this build completely on my own. I could have sanded and stained it that day also, but my attention span had already committed multiple hours to this project so I was ready to change it up. I used an all in one stain I had on hand and loved how it came out. I will be honest, the lumber for this project was around $40… the cushions however, that is what is going to cost you. I did a lot of research and ended up going back to Home Depot, I seriously considered making them myself but I honestly thought it wouldn’t save me much money and I wanted to be sure they would stand up to being outdoors. Luckily I grabbed them on sale but still, it was a bit of an investment.

diy outdoor couch 4

My rug was a steal on Amazon and is woven with plastic thread so it is perfect for outdoor use, the pillows on the other hand, I stole from my living room couch and will probably find their way back inside. If you want to build your own DIY outdoor couch, the plans I used from Ana White are HERE and it has everything you need from shopping list, to cut list to written steps and pictures to completing the build. I hope you enjoy and what project should I tackle next? Let me know in the comments below!


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