DIY Mickey Scrapbook

DIY Embossed Disney Scrapbook

In the beginning of March, Wade and I took Avery to Disneyland and California Adventure for 3 days. It was amazing and SO much fun.

Not surprisingly, I took a lot of photos. Not as many as I thought but still a lot.


That deserves a whole scrapbook about the trip. I just finished my very first scrapbook for my family for 2012. It is a book with one layout a month to give a snapshot of the year. I wanted to easy myself back into scrapbook with that one because I hadn’t worked on one since before I was even pregnant with Avery. BUT I finished it !

I knew I wanted to make a whole book for the trip so it has been really difficult to walk by all the Mickey books at Joanns. With a coupon I could have gotten one for under $20 but just for the book, that is quite the investment to me. I had decided to just use one I had and started looking in my stash. I have a bunch of started books that I wouldn’t mind taking apart and I found a plain red one.

Then I thought about it for a bit- duh, I am a CRAFT  BLOGGER. What we want, that we can’t have… we MAKE!!

So I did. Here is what I came up with:

disney scrapbook

It was super simple, took much less than a half hour and saved me $20. AWESOME!

I did it with heat embossing, if you didn’t have any of the tools or heat gun, you could get the supplies for this for under $20 but you would be able to use them over and over and over again. It is a different kind of investment.

First, I made a Mickey shape, I still have my friend’s Mickey Cricut cartridges, but for the sake of a tutorial that everyone could do, I made my own shape out of a paper plate and mason jar lid as templates. Then I cut it out.

april 7 2013 133

The embossing ink I buy comes as a set with the pad and an extra refill bottle. I just poured a bit out of the refill bottle so I could use the sponge brush.

april 7 2013 138

You could choose to use either piece, you could even use this as a stencil to paint the Mickey on with acrylic paint. It is really up to you. I chose to use the piece I cut, I taped it a bit in place.

april 7 2013 134

Then I used the sponge brush to put a line about an 1/8th of an inch thick of the embossing ink around the outside of the Mickey shape.

april 7 2013 142

Then I sprinkled on the embossing powder, I used red as a tone on tone- it is kind of like the one I saw at the store I liked. Put a paper underneath so you can add a lot.

april 7 2013 145

Then you just dump off the extra and pour it back in the bottle.

april 7 2013 148

I used another, dry, sponge brush to brush off the extra. It is not as big of a deal when they are the same color, but it looks cleaner. Whatever you leave on when you use the heat gun will melt and be there permanently.

april 7 2013 150

Last step was to use the heat gone to melt the powder! I couldn’t get an action shot but I did get a before and after, there is the slightest difference in the before and after.

april 7 2013 151

april 7 2013 153

It is done! And ready for memories!! I have already made 3 pages, I am so excited!

april 7 2013 154



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