diy kids jersey names

DIY Kids Jersey Names

We are in the midst of another soccer season! Avery had been asking for a while to be back in a soccer and watching her in practice, I am so glad I made it happen for her! She is loving it and the giggles while she runs and kicks the ball with her friends make it all worth it. As all soccer moms know though, the costs don’t end at registration and with me on the team, I intend to make sure we all pay as little as possible! This year I even added the kids’ names to the jerseys and it was so easy I don’t know what I didn’t think of it before!

jersey names

My friend as two daughters and shared with me the jerseys for her younger daughter’s team that were done at the local sports shop for $.75 a letter, I think they are a pretty close if not near perfect match to what I came up with above!

jersey names 6

I was able to do all 10 girls names with one role of Cricut Iron On Vinyl in white, but that is because four girls names were fit on two lines, if you have longer names or a team name, it will probably take one and a half rolls. What is convient is the 11.5 inch width of the vinyl is perfect for the width of the jersey so as long as it fits on one line in Design Space, it will fit on the back of the jersey. I cut all of them out (make sure you click mirror image!) at 2.5 inches using the Varsity font in bold. I weeded before I cut because I thought it would be easier to see this way.

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Then all you have to do is match the name to the number and start ironing! I ironed on wool setting (second hottest option on my iron) and for a full minute on each one. Then I pulled the transfer tape off and ironed lightly a few more times to make sure everything is set. Avoid the number as it probably isn’t safe to iron.

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That’s it! I was able to get the roll of vinyl on sale so what would have been close to $40 for the team cost us under $10!

jersey names 5.

Would you try this? Let me know in the comments below!


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