diy glow dark jack o lanterns

DIY Glow in the Dark Jack-O-Lanterns

I was sent product for this post but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Alright y’all, confession time. I am horrible at carving Jack-O-Lanterns. HORRIBLE! I can do a lot of crafty things but there are some things that I am just not that great at, and carving is one of them. But I found a way around that! I found a way to use paint to make an awesome Jack-O-Lanterns for my front porch- what do you think?!

glow in the dark pumpkins

Aren’t they fun? And they are super easy to do, the kids could even have fun with it because there is no carving, just painting with Wildfire Phosphorescent Paint (glow in the dark) from Modern Masters! First things first, I needed a template so I went to my Cricut and found a couple of faces I liked to cut out of contact paper. You could easily hand draw these on the contact paper or even print something out online to cut and trace. The contact paper is just what I use when I am going to throw it away right after because it is cheaper than the vinyl. I like to save the vinyl for projects, not stencils or templates.

glow in the dark pumpkins 2

Once you have everything cut, I placed it on the pumpkins. Make sure there is full contact so the paint doesn’t get under the template.

glow in the dark pumpkins 3

Then I got out the paint- I am so excited about this phosphorescent paint and the quality was even higher than what I expect from Modern Masters! It was thick and covered great!

glow in the dark pumpkins 4

I gave the pumpkins 3 to 4 coats and waited about a half hour between each one, this picture is after the second coat.

glow in the dark pumpkins 5.

After the last coat, while it was still wet, I went ahead and carefully and slowly took off the contact paper template pieces. This is a latex paint so if it has dried a bit, the paint on the pumpkin could come off a bit with the paint on the contact paper. Take you time.

glow in the dark pumpkins 6

Then put them outside! Glow paint usually needs some light to ‘charge up the glow’ so to speak, so I thought it would be fun to keep the porch light on on Halloween night and then when trick or treaters come up, turn off the light before opening the door. It would add just another level of creepy and let the kids focus on the pumpkins for a second before the door opens. I can’t wait!

glow in the dark pumpkins 7

Avery is already asking if it is Halloween yet! Another idea, if you want it to be a surprise, you can get those awesome white pumpkins and paint your stencil on and it will blend in much better with the white look of the paint and then when the light goes off it would be even more dramatic!  So many options!

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