diy giant flowers

DIY Giant Flowers

It never fails, I always find ideas and then when I am knee deep in the process of making them, I wonder what I was ever thinking anyways. But then, also inevitably, I look back once it is done and think “that was totally worth it”. This is for sure one of those projects. This year’s dinner dance at my daughter’s school is Alice in Wonderland themed and I thought it would be fun to make bunch of giant flowers for use as a background for the yearly spring photos I take of all the students. Here is one of Avery’s:

giant flower tutorial

Now, I am going to be honest that I saw these on Pinterest and was completely inspired to make them. The original tutorial can be found HERE on Design Sponge and I am not going to share the whole tutorial of this here in this post because that would be super lame of me. What I am going to share are the modifications I made because of different materials and problems I came up with because of that, the only steps I will share are how I constructed the stems and the rest you can go on over to Design Sponge to find out. First thing is first, I filled my cups with cement like in the original tutorial, but for whatever reason, when I turned the cups over the cement fell out because it didn’t stick to the sides of the cups. I solved that by taping the heck out of the top of the cups.

Then I went on to putting together the stems. I used chicken wire because it was super affordable for a huge roll and used wire cutters to cut pieces about 6 inches wide. I cut one for each flower and I was making 2 flowers.

Because the chicken wire was not as strong as the material in the original post, it needed some support so I used 1/2 inch pvc pipe because I can easily find scrap pieces of that all over the house. I used my trusty pvc pipe cutter to make various pieces from 2-4 feet for the flowers.

Then I laid it on the chicken wire with about 4 inches at the bottom and trimmed down the top with the wire cutters.

At this step I made sure that I had gloves and wrapped the chicken wire around the pvc pipe with the bottom 4 to 5 inches open.

In order to get the cement cups to support the pipe and chicken wire, I cut holes in the bottoms of the cups with a craft cutting knife.

Then I stuck the pipe in the cups and molded the bottom of the chicken wire that was open around the cup.

After that, all I had to do was cover it in clear tape to smooth it out and then I could continue on with the tape and tissue paper shared in the main tutorial (make sure to check that out HERE).

I also attached the flowers and created them according to that tutorial and I had a fun little garden to photograph the children!

Now comes getting great photos of 71 children… again I find myself in the “what was I thinking” stage but I am sure it will be worth it in the end!


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