diy decorated marshmallow shooters

DIY Decorated Marshmallow Shooters

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Summer is here!! Can you believe it?! I always want to do my best to plan fun activities for my daughter and other kids in the family but in the summer, I want those activities to be outside, fun and something we have never tried before. I totally accomplished that with these fun DIY decorated marshmallow shooters we made at the last family BBQ- the kids had a blast decorating them and playing with them!

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Now I know that marshmallow shooters aren’t a new idea, but I have never see them decorated, they are usually just plain white- which is still fun by why not give the kids a chance to be creative as well? Also, because Avery is a preschooler and the rest of the kids were school age, I made different sizes. Truthfully, I knew that I would also need an adult size as well, so in the end, I made three different sizes with two different sized PVC pipe. They are super affordable and beyond easy to put together- anyone could do it!

Here is what you need to make the marshmallow shooters; for each one you will need 7 cut pieces of PVC pipe (I used 1/2 inch for the kids and 3/4 inch for the adults), 2 “T” connectors, 2 elbow, and 2 end caps. I swear by a $12 PVC pipe cutter I picked up at the hardware store, very easy to use and affordable. You could also cut it there or on a miter saw.

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When it came to Avery’s, I used the 1/2 inch pipe and cut (6) 3 inch pieces and (1) four inch pieces. For the medium sized shooters I used (6) 4 inch pieces and (1) 5 inch piece. Lastly, for the large one I used the 3/4 inch pipe (it is what I had on hand, you could use the 1/2 inch if you had that) and cut (6) 5 inch pieces and (1) 6 inch piece. All of them got assembled in the same manner, the longest pieces is the one that you put your mouth on to blow out the marshmallow.

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Once they were all assembled, I spray painted them white just so there was a blank surface to decorate. Yes, the pipe is white but there is a lot of bar codes and printing all along the pieces so the white paint gave just a blank canvas for the kids to decorate. I chose to gather tape, ribbon and some Sharpie Paint Markers that I grabbed on one of my many weekly Michael‘s trips- these worked perfectly on the PVC pipe.

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I would definitely go with the oil based for the plastic, but the water based, given some time to dry, also worked quite well. Make sure you keep an eye out for great deals on these at Michael’s Craft Store! They are buy 2 get 1 free and let me tell you, it is very easy to buy multiple pens with all the great color options available! It will be very easy to find them in the store from the signs (in mine they were even on an end cap!) and you can check out the sale in the Michael’s Sunday circular and on Michael’

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The kids had a blast getting to decorate their marshmallow shooters and got pretty creative! They used the Sharpie Paint Pens to write their names and make designs and then added some washi tape to finish things off.

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The ribbon ended up being straps to hold their shooters or bags for marshmallows. They looked much cooler than if we had just left them plain!

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Then all that was left to do was load them up and go on the attack!

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Make sure you grab yours  this week at Michael’s! Also, you can keep up with Sharpie on Facebook and Twitter.

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