diy craft room bench

DIY Craft Room Bench

Today I am sharing the first of a series of tutorials that made all the fun components of my craft room. Make sure you check out the full tour HERE!

I love this little bench, besides the fact that I am a super fan of all the fabrics and the look, it is a great place to brainstorm or for Avery- she loves to read books here. Plus, it  used something that was pretty much a waste of space before this!

craft room bench

Here was the bench before. It was a coffee table, which isn’t pointless, except if the glass that goes on the top broke 3 and a half years ago. Then it doesn’t really have a purpose- unless you count the humor I get from the countless number of people who have tried to put a drink on it, only to have it fall through. But, let’s be honest, that is only funny until you have to clean it up. It was time for it to be refashioned. First things first, I spray painted the whole thing white to match the new space.

diy bench 2

Then I grabbed a piece of MDF that came 2 x4 feet which fit perfectly. The supports to the center and tile make it pretty sturdy so I was able to just put this on top of the table. You may need to create some more supports or get a much thicker piece of wood, or both. Or you may not have to do anything- wouldn’t that be convenient?! I found that it was cheaper to buy two 2×2 ft pieces of foam than buying a bigger custom cut piece, and of course I used two coupons as well. Naturally. Then I put some batting over the top, pulled it tight and used my staple gun to put it in place.

diy bench 3

Last, was the best part, the fabric, I laid it out and centered the board and foam on top- which is important with a chevron because it will be obvious if it is not straight, and then stapled that down and trimmed off the excess. Then the top piece was done!

diy bench 4

I had originally got these little bracket things (it is a technical term) to attach them but then my husband pointed out that it would be pretty painful to sit on the screw. Good thing I have him to poin those things out! Instead, I ended up using a WHOLE LOT of Gorilla Glue and some weights on top and so far so good! I haven’t had any troubles! I made the pillows with some coordinating fabric and pillow stuffing (super simple) and the baskets underneath I grabbed at the hardware store- they are the Martha Stewart brand that fit her system but three worked really well for me on this bottom shelf of my bench as well.

diy bench 6Make sure you come by next week to see the next tutorial! I have a great vinyl storage solution for you that is SUPER affordable!!

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2 Responses to DIY Craft Room Bench

  1. Sarah January 16, 2014 at 9:02 am #

    Very cute! I love the colors :)

    • January 16, 2014 at 3:29 pm #

      Thanks so much!! As you can tell by my blog, I am pretty into these right now lol (I didn’t realize they coordinated until just now lol);.