diy colored aqua beads

DIY Colored Aqua Beads

It has been a bit quiet around the blog lately and that is because I have been projecting …. a lot! We made our front yard much more appealing (read, not hideous any more) and I have this extra bedroom that used to be my craft room, that needed to be re-purposed. I have been shared my new craft room HERE but the empty room really needed to be used for something so I thought I would make Avery a classroom!

I know, only a preschool teacher would think to make a classroom in her house. This is not going to be  a playroom, I am not storing her toys in there or anything, but a classroom designed with learning centers and such in mind. But that is going to be it’s own post.. or series of posts.

Moving on, since there is a light table in the room, I was thinking of things that we could try and came across this pin from CAUTION! Twins at play! and had to try it! I have been staring at these egg cartons for weeks wondering what I could do with them and when I saw that pin, I had to try it! I have seen dehydrated colored aqua beads and the hydrated clear ones at the dollar store and I thought it would be much more cost effective if I made my own, and I was right!

diy colored aqua beads

I grabbed two containers of the clear aqua beads from the dollar store and brought them home, I ended up using one whole bottle and a half bottle that I already had. I poured an equal amount into six plastic cups or however many colors you plan on making.

aqua beads

Then I grabbed our food coloring.

aqua beads 2

I put a good healthy squirt in each cup.

aqua beads 3

Then stirred it up and added some water to the top of the beads (it says on the jar that they absorb water so I figured they would absorb the color too, and they did!).

aqua beads 4

Then I let them sit for a hour or so, rinsed them off and put them back in the cup and I was done! I still had eggs in the carton so I quickly put those in a pot and hard boiled them so I could have the container and we went strait to the light table! She had a blast!

aqua beads 5

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