diy coffee mug shelf

There is something that I am sure we can all relate to- Pinterest inspiration. Recently I have given up energy drinks (again) and started drinking coffee more, which justifies the purchase of adorable coffee mugs. Well, it didn’t take long for my new found collection to outgrow our small shelf in the cupboard and I was looking up different storage options on, none other than, Pinterest. That is when I stumbled on this pin and knew that immediately I had to make one. Isn’t it lovely? I am obsessed people!

diy coffee mug shelf

The tutorial comes from Schaaf House and because I am a respectful blogger, I am going to highly suggest that you CLICK HERE to go check out their tutorial because I basically followed that so there is no need at all for me to post her. What I can say is that it was easy to follow and was a great beginning to moderate project and while they finished it in a weekend, I totally got it done in an evening, a Monday after work even! I am not really sure where I fall but if you are comfortable with you saw and nail guns, this is a great project for you!

diy coffee mug shelf 2

The main difference between mine and the one in the tutorial is I chose to stain mine while they painted theirs white. We all know I love white furniture but ever since I made my DIY Table Top, I have been obsessed with this stain and since they are near each other in the dinning room I thought I would have them match. Y’all it is swoon worthy! Also it has many, many places to put new coffee mugs! This is good because I have had my eye on a few and now I have a great reason to pick them up!

diy coffee mug shelf3

How do you store your coffee mugs? Should I be using some floating shelves instead? Let me know in the comments below!

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