diy coffee cup vinyl decal

DIY Coffee Cup Vinyl Decal

Happy Teacher Appreciation day to all my teacher friends and readers! This is a super fun gift idea I am sharing and it would be so fun for any teacher to get, even my friend who wrote a post outlining what teachers would like as gifts. I do believe this passes even her test! This personalized coffee mug is so easy to make and fun to get!

It all starts with one of the $2 reusable coffee mugs from Starbucks and a vinyl decal, once you are to this step you are in the clear! How do you get there you ask? Scroll down a bit more.

Now, with Cricut Design Space you can upload images (high contrast and simple shapes are best) so I was able to find a plain image of the circles, stars and word “coffee” and then I just added each person’s name to the top of the arc in the circle. Yes this takes some time but it is totally worth it in the end! I made a video showing how I did this and it goes a bit fast because really it is just the same thing over and over again. I made each letter of the name a separate moveable piece. Then, I hide all but one letter, place the letter where I wanted it, hit ‘select all’ and then on the right in the layout panel, I clicked ‘slice’ and it cut that letter out of the circle. Then I deleted the letters so all I had left was the circle. After that I clicked the eye on another letter (so it was not hidden anymore) and did the whole thing again!

Once it was cut on my Cricut and I weeded out all the extra vinyl, I put some transfer paper over the top and smoothed it out.

Then I peeled it back and the image comes with it.

Next, you just center it on the cup, don’t worry too much about this because the circle on the starbucks cup looks perfect but it is more of an oval slightly so it isn’t going to be perfect (I measured this so because I thought that I was crazy!).

After you rubbed down the whole image, you can peel the transfer paper back and you are done! It is best to make sure that you use permanent vinyl (oracle 651 usually) and make sure you mention this is hand wash only.

Then you can bag it up and you are ready to give a gift! The only other thing that might be fun to add is their favorite coffee, coffee pods or a gift card!

What are your go to gifts for teacher appreciation or the favorite gift you have gotten if you are a teacher?


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One Response to DIY Coffee Cup Vinyl Decal

  1. Jenn May 5, 2016 at 3:54 pm #

    I love it and want one (even though I said I don’t need more mugs!)