diy chocolate cake wrap

DIY Chocolate Cake Wrap

I watch a lot of cake videos. Like, a lot. I think it could be borderline embarrassing if I cared about such things. Though they have certainly done one thing, they have succeed in making me think I have skills and could work in a bakery. My husband quickly brings me down to earth and encourages me to keep my day job and just decorate cakes on the weekends. This cake in particular was the one that I made for his birthday dinner and it came out pretty good if I do say so myself! Plus, this one is legitimatley easy enough for anyone to do, promise! I will share the YouTube video that I watched and you can also see how I made mine on my Instagram stories. I saved the series to a story in my profile with this little ol’ cake as the cover photo. Check it out!

I love it y’all. LOVE IT! Plus, at any given time I have at least five different colors of candy melts and this could be done to match any birthday or theme! A white cake with a pink cake wrap would be adorable… note to self, do that.

Also, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a little bit of glitter so I dusted some blackberries with edible gold shimmer and put a mound of them on the top of the cake. I thought it was missing something without it and these were the perfect touch!

I found this idea from the channel Tatyana’s Everyday Food and you can check out the video HERE. So fun and a great beginner project in my opinion.

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