diy cement wood backdrop posts

DIY Cement & Wood Backdrop Posts

All parties and venues have their challenges, but I am normally an advocate for the home party because there are just a lot of built in benefits.

Like walls.

They are very helpful to hang things and create backdrops. I don’t know if you know this, but parks generally lack walls. So in order to create some backdrops for the Jessie and Woody Party I shared yesterday, I made some of these posts that I could tie to the back of the table to hang banners.


backdrop posts


They were super easy to make and I think I will have to have a whole set of them! They were also pretty affordable as the cement was about $4 (though next time I will splurge for the quick set) and the tubs were about $2 each. I had the wood on hand so that was free.

april 20 2013 003


We just mixed the cement.

april 20 2013 004


Pour it in the tub around the wood post, then hold it or support it in some way until it sets a bit.


april 20 2013 005


Let dry and you are done!

Mine are about 7 feet tall which was perfect for behind the tables. I even spray painted one set white!


april 21 2013 036


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One Response to DIY Cement & Wood Backdrop Posts

  1. Amy mayen April 27, 2013 at 1:34 am #

    That’s a great idea!! Pinning!