diy calendar for kids

DIY Calendar For Kids

I shared my calendar last week when I posted my classroom tour and while I don’t think there are tons of teachers that would use this, though of course they could, I do think that there are a lot of homeschooling moms in blog land or moms of littles that might want to integrate some learning at home.

This was simple and I like it so much better than any other calendar I have found at a teacher supply store.

I started with a large canvas that I got at Big Lots, I spray painted it a neutral color and grabbed my paper cutter and black vinyl.

I cut quarter inch wide strips the length of the vinyl and placed five evenly spaced across from side to side.

Then I put 7 evenly from top to bottom, also evenly spaced.

Well almost, I had a bit of extra left over on the right and instead of a giant square it looked better to just have a little random small one extra. This could be great for special holiday numbers or other place holders.

I picked up some velcro stickers, you could use a roll and even non-adhesive and hot glue but the store had these so I grabbed them. I put the rough side on the calendar, one in the middle of each square.

Then I grabbed some chipboard letters for the top, I have 3’s this year so this is more of a counting, number recognition and calendar tool rather than for days of the week and months like for 4’s, you could make it that way if you needed. I colored them black just with a sharpie.

Then I ran them through the xyron, a sticker maker, maybe one of the cooler things I own!

I found the letters at the teacher supply store but they would be easy to make with scrap book paper, paper punch, paper cutter or even scrapbook numbers. Then laminate them if you can, or you can do what I did and use clear contact paper.

After you cut them all out, put the soft side of the velcro on top and done!

I have the numbers in a basket next to the calendar, I am so happy with the way it turned out!

I hope you like it and might be able to use it at home!


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