diy bird costume

DIY Bird Costume

I can’t believe it is already Halloween!!

I swear, once the school year started things are just flying by! But, really, who am I kidding, time in general is flying by!

But back to Halloween, and more specifically, costumes.

I love a DIY costume and this year’s bird costume was a last minute masterpiece… in my opinion! I love how it came out, really. And in all honesty, I started it yesterday, yes, the day before Halloween.

diy bird costume

Avery couldn’t make up her mind, and really, I was swamped with a million things so it all just lined up that we both waited until the last minute. It was probably better this way because I am sure that she would have changed her mind and I would have just had to make multiple costumes.

See, justifiable procrastination.

But back to the costume, I will break down all the pieces and prices. First, the wings, I saw them on Pinterest and just made them from memory I knew I had a big piece of pink felt so I bought 12 more sheets at Joanns and they were on sale 4/$1 and the elastic and hot glue I had so I only spent $3 on the wings. In the picture, there was a neck piece and I didn’t love that so I just added two arm elastic bands and one in the back to hold it together. It worked great and she was able to wear them comfortably all night!  The mask was picked up at Michaels and I used scraps from the felt for the wings to make little feathers to glue onto the plain white based. I added my own elastic as well- this was about $2 to make.

bird costume 3

I love a tutu and for this one I wanted a really fluffy ankle length version so I used almost 6 rolls (1 light pink, 1 dark pink, 1 cream in regular and then the same colors in glitter, there is significantly less tulle on a glitter roll which is why I needed so many) and at the wholesale place I buy them, they are $2 a roll so the tutu was about $12 (if you only wanted one color of glitter,  you could make a preschool ankle length tutu with 3 regular rolls and one glitter roll but I wanted the different colors).

bird costume 2

That just about covers the homemade pieces. The rest of the costume consisted of tights (I have ballet tights but since it was nighttime and cooler, I got her the thicker tights so she wouldn’t be cold), a long sleeved leotard (I wanted something she could use again and she is in ballet so it works), and pink sparkly shoes she already had on hand from picture day. The tights were $4 and the leotard was $8.50, both at Wal-Mart.

bird costume

It was certainly as fun to make for me as it was for her to play in!!

She already has plans for next year… she wants to be a waterfall.

That’s my kid!

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