diy backyard garden

DIY Backyard Garden

We have one of those backyards that wraps around the back of the house. Right when we moved in, we had this extra piece of fence that we used to block off one side that was rather narrow and ran the length of the house. This, not surprisingly being that it is an odd shape, got neglected, overgrown and unused.

And really embarrassing.  I hated when people would come over and see it because we don’t have curtains or anything covering the doors. I think once we even put a sheet up.

It was bad.

So bad that I didn’t take a before picture, though now I really wish I did!!

Here is what it looked like after we ripped out ALL of the weeds and junk. We had to lay down some weed block fabric that you can get at home improvement stores for about $10 a roll. We used 4 rolls which comes out to about 600 square feet.

Can you believe we had that much wasted space?? I can’t either!!

After all the weed block fabric got put down, I started making planters with things I grabbed from around the house- or in other words FREE and CHEAP!

These are cinder block planters. I couldn’t make a big one because the ground wasn’t even and there was a big lump in the middle. So I made two small ones. All the open spaces would also be great for small plants and herbs.

I also had a few tires in the garage and we put those to work too!!

These were the only thing we bought, they were about a dollar for each piece of edging. I used 3 to make this planter and I spray painted the outside white. I cut out the fabric, hammered this in and then put the fabric circle back inside.

Here is a long shot with all the weed block fabric, there is about a 1/3 more after that tree/green plant/ ac unit.

This is the other side.

Wade couldn’t see how good it was going to look with the fabric/plastic down. But I knew he would love it once we got mulch down and I was right!!

I just grabbed all the affordable plants in types we have had success with before, and a few new ones to try. Planting was my favorite part!!

This is something that I am so excited about, we got an above ground pool last summer and used it until we couldn’t any more. The ladder was too big for our garbage, so it sat in the backyard forever.

That is when I came up with the idea to spray paint it, cut some boards I had in the garage, and turn it into a plant holder!

All free, all stuff I had on hand and it is so cute!!

I am also working on getting all the markers done for the plants. You can check out that tutorial HERE.

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