diy affordable hopscotch path

DIY Affordable Hopscotch Path

Our backyard makes me crazy. I feel like it is this huge undertaking that we can’t seem to tackle and win, but I think I have a better plan! This weekend I thought, don’t try to fix the whole backyard in one weekend, take it quadrant by quadrant . I already prefer this tactic because I take on a small task and finish it and then I can move on to the next one! For this one, I thought I would re-position Avery’s playhouse and create a fun hopscotch style pathway to the door. I love how it came out and it didn’t break the budget at all! This was an under $20 makeover!

First, let’s see how it looked before! This was after the hubby used the weed wacker to clear out the area, but it is still a pretty beat before picture.

At this point I took our super thick black trash bags and laid them out over the area as a weed block. I did this in my front yard and it is still working pretty well and I had these in the garage so I didn’t have to buy anything!

Next, I put out the stepping stones which were on sale over Memorial Day weekend for under $1.50 each so I bought 7, placed them like a standard hopscotch path and then I broke out the acrylic paint! I picked three fun colors and painted them with a plain sponge brush. Super simple, I did make sure, however, to spray an additional clear coat so it doesn’t wash away in the rain.

Once that was dry I added the wood chips and admired the work! Truthfully, I don’t know what this random pole in the area is but it is another task for another day. The pink tire will be a cute little fairy garden, I can’t wait for that one!

That pretty much wraps it up for this portion of the makeover! I can’t wait to keep tackling this one area at a time! Do you have any ideas for affordable backyard makeovers? Let me know in the comments below!

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