diy 4th of july outfit

DIY 4th of July Outfit

We all know that I love to decorate for a party, but I also enjoy decorating my kid for celebrations as well.

4th of July seems to be the holiday I have the most fun making outfits for, I don’t know why, but they always come out the best!

Here is this year’s outfit-


4th outfit


I made it all, from bows to skirt and that is always an awesome feeling!

I did a whole tutorial for the skirt and you can find that HERE.

For the shirt, I grabbed just a plain tee from the craft store and taped off some stripes with washi tape (it is just what I had on hand). Then I painted them red and removed the tape. Easy!



While the stripes were drying, I worked on the bow. Of course it would have been easier to just get a pretty blue ribbon and make a bow out of that, but I didn’t think about it when I was at the craft store. In all honesty, I just picked up the shirt without a plan or else I would have gotten everything I needed. Instead, I made do with what I had an made a white bow and then painted it, why not? I got a blue paint and a wooden start and used the star as a stencil and pressed it on the bow and painted around it. I did a few all around and then filled in the empty spots with more blue paint. I think it worked out quite well!



I wanted the shirt to be a tank top with a racer back feel so I cut off the sleeves and from the armpit seam to the neck line seam. Then I cut a strip out of one of the selves and then cut the seam off that as well.


shirt 3


I took that strip and used it to gather the back of the shirt and tied a knot to give the racer back look.  To attach the bow to the shirt, I used velcro because the bow would never make it through the wash. I put one piece on the shirt and one on the bow.


shirt 4


The last step was her little korker bows for her hair. These take a time investment to make but they are so cute!! I have a whole tutorial in an ebook that is coming soon!!




I had such fun with this outfit, I can’t wait to make the next one!

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