diy 100 craft table

DIY $100 Craft Table

We are on Part 4 of my Craft room series of posts and today I am sharing the super simple tutorial for the centerpiece of my craft room, my craft table. But first, catch up on the rest of the posts:

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Now, back to the table, I will be honest, I did not start off this project thinking I would DIY my own table, but I am certainly glad I did!

100 dollar craft table

I had my eye on this big craft table that was at the craft store with a regular price of $349, yeah, I know, after I picked my jaw up off the floor I figured it wouldn’t happen. Then it went on sale for $200 and I was thisclose to snagging it, but then something happened and I didn’t. It was after that, when I started looking around at making my own. I saw more than a few people opted for pieces of counter top or shelves or other table tops placed on top of shelving. Then it doubled as storage and support.

craft table 2

I was at Home Depot and caught a glimpse of some great $40 shelving units (on sale for $35) and picked up two. I also grabbed a slap of melamine for $25 and asked them to cut it down to size for me (first two cuts are free, I made mine 3 feet (width of shelving unit) by 4ft 7 in. Looking back on it, I have no idea why it isn’t just 5ft or 4.5 ft, but 55inches it is I suppose. But anyways, I got home and put both of the shelving units together first and then the melamine on top to get the look and it worked!

craft table

Then I brought everything inside, set it all up and used my nail gun to attach the melamine to the shelves. I also cut some molding and added it to the raw edge on the long sides. I would like to do it on the shorter sides too but I am still deciding if I want to loose that little bit of height on my top shelf for storage. Either way, it is working perfect and that big white space has been working over time as a great backdrop for photos!

craft table6

Also, score, the hubs bought me a bar stool for my birthday that is the perfect height for this counter height table and of course I had to give it a coat of spray paint and some glitter accents! Naturally!


craft table 3

Where do you do your crafting?!

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