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Disneyland on a Budget

I am so excited because we get to talk about one of my favorite topics today- DISNEYLAND!! I joke that I have totally drank the ‘Disney juice’ because I love all things Disney but that is fine with me, I am just such a huge fan and love that my daughter is a huge fan too. Just because we love Disney, doesn’t, by any means, mean that we are wealthy and can afford expensive trips all the time. I have a ton of tips already on the blog but this is going to be a new version of a past series. I will share my 4 “Going to Disneyland with ‘Fake’ Money” posts at the bottom but first I want to introduce the new situation. Our passes expired earlier this year and due to life, we weren’t able to renew them. But here is the thing, because of a Christmas gift, we were able to get Avery a pass back in early March, so she has one and we don’t! That just isn’t right so I have been on a quest this summer to get ours back and so I have gone old school with a Disney Fund jar. Isn’t it cute?!

disneyland on a budget

We started with our existing change that we already save for a rainy day which was a good start. We also shared our plan with Avery and she wanted to include her piggy bank money to the fund and after further discussion, she added in all her change as well. But the thing with Avery’s piggy banks that we found was, she had a lot of dollars in there!! That girl was making bank off her grandparents! Ha! In addition to those two sources, I have added some money from taking in the recycling (something like $14 but every dollar, even penny, is important!!) . We are going to fill this jar with whatever we come across, whatever is in the bottom of my purse, hopefully money from selling some things around the house and so on. I know that we need at least $200 to buy tickets for the day, but I would love to see how much more we could get to cover other costs. I am on a mission! Our family needs some great family memories in this year and this will help us!

I can’t wait to brush up on these four posts that talk about using found money, or ‘fake money’ as I like to say to fund fun family trips. I reached my goal last time, it is time to do it again!

Going to Disneyland with “Fake Money” Part 1

going to disney with fake money 1


Going to Disneyland with “Fake Money” Part 2

going to disney with fake money 2


Going to Disneyland with “Fake Money” Part 3

going to disney with fake money 3


Going to Disneyland with “Fake Money” Part 4 

going to disney with fake money 4

What are your tips for getting to Disneyland on a budget (or anywhere special for that matter?)

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