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Diamond Celebration Fun! #Disneyland60

So you all know when there is that super cool person having a party and you really want to be invited? Well, let’s just say that person is Disneyland and they turned 60 and we of course had to make sure we were there to help celebrate!


We are a Disneyland loving family, some day we will make it out to Walt Disney World, but for now, I love making the short journey up to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure as often as possible. This trip was extra special because we were able to see all the fun stuff for the #Disneyland60 AND Avery got to bring two friends along!! First stop, a  picture at the front of Disneyland of course!

#disneyland60 2

Naturally we had to take a selfie here as well.

#disneyland60 3

The park was packed, not surpringly, but with the help of this app called “Disneyland Wait Times” we were able to get on some of our favorites at the perfect time! Of course one of the top choices being It’s A Small World and the girls loved being able to sit together in the front of the boat!

#disneyland60 7

We scored twice because they also got to sit in the front of the bee hive on the Many Adventures of Winne the Pooh ride as well! Lucky ducks.

#disneyland60 9

While walking through New Orleans Square, we stopped to check out the singing pirates, but it would appear these girls didn’t really understand what was going on.

#disneyland60 4

Oh well, might as well stop for another group picture!

#disneyland60 5

And a mommy selfie! (Of course.)

#disneyland60 6

There was so much more fun and rides and shows had in the day, so much so that the little red head got tuckered out, good thing Daddy was there.

#disneyland60 8

That about wraps it up for this trip, but I already can’t wait for our next hop up to the happiest place on earth!

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