delicate construction contributor team

Delicate Construction Contributor Team!

Hi friends! I have been doing my best to make sure that there are awesome and helpful posts up on this little ol’ blog around 5 times a week but you all know that life can get hectic and make that a seemingly impossible task. I decided that it is ok to ask for help and I am looking for contributors for my blog! The way it works is that once a month you would write a post for Delicate Construction and in that post you are welcome to share links back to your on blog or business site as a thank you (you don’t have to have a blog!). Currently I am not able to offer compensation for this position but I would share your information on my contributor page and I will pay to have those posts boosted on Facebook. Posts written for Delicate Construction would be exclusive for the first two weeks and then after that you could re-post to your blog as long as you change the first paragraph (to make Google happy). Each contributor would be writing posts about one topic that they are passionate about each month and would be the only contributor on that topic. I am looking forward to having more fabulous people on my team and can’t wait to share it all with you in the coming months!

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