cyber monday shopping tips

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

It is almost Thanksgiving! I love the cooking, setting up, the eating and then… the holiday shopping. For me, it all starts with Black Friday, then I come home, have some leftovers, sleep for the rest of the weekend and wake up just in time for CYBER MONDAY! I love cyber Monday and there are a few reasons for that, my pj’s and my couch being some of the biggest two. Here are my tips for an awesome Cyber Monday experience where you won’t only save money- but you will MAKE MONEY too!!

cyber monday shopping tips

Alright, there are a few of my tride and true tips and a couple new discoveries that I just had to share.

1.) Plan ahead. Gather up all the stores/sites you want to hit up and for what and whatever coupon codes you may need. If you would like, I even put together a fund little printable for you to keep all this info organized. Yup, you’re welcome.

cyber monday shopping tips 2Cyber Monday Shopping Printable Page 1

Cyber Monday Shopping Printable Page 2

2.) Open a Free Shipping account. Trust me on this one, it is my new favorite, you can go sign up for a FREE 30 trial and then if you use the code HOLIDAY2014 you can get a discounted monthly rate of $9.95 per month. Now hear me out, the way it works is you go log into your account and then click on one of their 1,000 stores and shop as usual. After you check out you will soon find out that you got hooked up with 10% back! Plus, if that wasn’t enough, they will also hook you up with free shipping codes- so you don’t have to worry about that either and we all know that is one of the goals of Cyber Monday, to get the deal and not have to pay the shipping. AND one more thing! They are also offering 20% back to 5 stores a day from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. If you are grabbing any big ticket items- you can totally get hooked up with your cash back check at the end of the quarter!

3.)Make sure you are shopping for the right things. Believe it or not, there are some items that are better to purchase on Cyber Monday and the big one is electronics, followed by toys and games and then clothes.

cyber monday shopping tips3

4.) Set yourself up for success, make sure you have everything together, your list, your budget and logged into your account so you can get shopping! Especially if you are just waking up to shop- you want to make sure everything is set. Maybe even open to tabs in your browser to the stores you want to shop at first

5.) Last- get there early! If you can, get up or stay up until Midnight. You can stay up or, you can just set your alarm and get up for an hour or so, do you shopping and go back to sleep… all from your bed. Because Cyber Monday is awesome like that.

Enjoy your shopping, then getting all kinds of mail that isn’t a bill and lastly, in a couple month you will love your cash back check from Free Shipping! Happy Shopping!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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