cute creepy bug wreath

Cute and Creepy Bug Wreath

I am back with another fun themed wreath! These have been so fun to make and I have really enjoyed putting together a new wreath each week. If you want to check out the other two wreaths that match summer camp themes at the preschool you can take a look at the patriotic napkin wreath and the dyed coffee filter Frozen wreath. Both are fun. This week is bug week and I wasn’t too sure what I was going to do but I did know that I wanted to keep using as many materials I had on hand to keep things affordable. I spotted some green felt and picked up some bugs from the dollar store and came up with this!

bug wreath

Isn’t it fun?! I wanted a bug wreath but I didn’t want it to look like a Halloween wreath, I love how they look like they are in the grass- so fun! All I did was cute a bunch of felt squares and I glued them onto the duct tape wrapped pool noodle form. I wanted them to be bunched up and kind of messy looking because I thought that looked more like grass.

bug wreath 2

After I had made it all the way around the wreath, I added in the bugs and hot glued them on top. I used about 2 and a half of the 4 bags I picked up from the dollar store but with the extras, I was able to put together a fun sensory tub with green paper shreds. They loved it!

bug wreath 3

I kind of hope that I don’t see a few of these in person!

bug wreath 4


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