custom cake pedestal

Custom Cake Pedestal

This coming weekend I am hosting more craft classes and they are starting to be one of my favorite things to do!!

I mean come on, a bunch of woman and crafting, too much fun!

This weekend I am doing a Hannukah class and a Christmas  class and I wanted to share one of the crafts with you all today!!

This is so much fun and though I made it for Hannukah, the tutorial gives a technique that could be done for Christmas, Santa’s cookie plates, trees, kids drawings, mothers day, I could go on. Basically the possibilities are endless.

Here is my cake pedestal:

What is great about this is the fact that Hannukah anything is always expensive. Always. This way my crafting friends can have something affordable that they got to make themselves.

Here is what you need:

Clear glass plate
Candle stick
Spray paint
Mod Podge
3D Glass Enamel (specific to mine)

All the creative stuff is going to take place on the back of the plate so that you can still put food on the top, of course it will be hand wash only but that isn’t a big problem.

Since I wanted a Hannukiah, I cut out all of the candles and started Mod Podging them onto the bottom of the plate. 

When everything is placed, give it an extra coat and let it dry.

Since my candles needed flames, I used my 3D gloss enamel.

Then I took it outside and gave it a coat of spray paint. The point of this is to give a solid background to your art to be a focal point, and hide the adhesive from the candle stick that will elevate the plate.

Here it is after the spray paint.

I chose to spray paint the candle stick silver before I attached it with the E6000, I let it dry and it was done!!

I can’t wait to make more! It would be such a great hostess gift! Fill it with some cookies and wrap it up and let them keep the plate!

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  1. Andie Jaye November 27, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    this is sooo cute! i love the idea of mommy craft time, too!