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Slinky Pumpkin Tutorial

Here is another crazy pumpkin tutorial, when I tell you I was just walking around the house finding stuff to spray paint orange, I wasn’t kidding, and Avery’s toys were not off limits!!I found her slinky and made it into this little cutie: I love it, this thing is adorable! And to think that it […]

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Keeping It Simple

Stick Ball Pumpkin Tutorial!!

I have an insane amount of pumpkin ideas for you, insane. I just got on this kick and was turning everything into pumpkins! I will have a wrap up post coming with seriously over 10 ideas but some of them warranted their own post and tutorial, like these cute little things!! I am so happy […]

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Bow Bouquet

One of my friends asked me to make her some bows for a friends baby and of course I was glad to help! I didn’t want to give them to her in a bag however, and that is when I remembered a cute little bouquet that someone made for my works silent auction one year. […]

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10 New Uses Tuesday {Crepe Paper}

Welcome all!!  Are you ready for another 10 New Uses Tuesday?! This week we are talking about …. Crepe Paper! 1. Wrapping presents; you know ribbon gets expensive, especially during the holidays. This will be a great addition to your wrapping arsenal.  2. Mod podging- great for collage projects, or you can use it like […]

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Money Topiary {Birthday Present}

We are having my nephews birthday party and in lieu of roaming the isles for hours trying to figure out what to get him, I thought “who doesn’t enjoy cash?” Really, is there anyone? Especially kids, I always thought that it was soooooooo awesome to have money of my own. But a stack of cash, […]

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Art Show Projects

The art show was this past weekend and I am SO happy with the way the projects I did with the children turned out!!  I wasn’t able to stay for the whole thing but I did go and help set up and got pictures of them…. Let me take you on a tour!! First is […]

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Eric Carle Birthday Party- Party Hats Part 2

I finally finished the party hats for Avery’s party a couple of days ago and you can find Part 1 of this tutorial HERE. I finished them up by adding a pom pom on top and some ribbons to hold them on, you could also do elastic string but I didn’t have enough for all […]

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Eric Carle Birthday Party- Party Hats Part 1

I wanted party hats to go along with our theme but, not surprisingly, you can’t pick them just at the local store.  So I made them! Here is how I did it! First I made a template, I used a big “D” shape that I made to fit an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of […]

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This one is for Kara; Burlap Framed Paper Hearts

So you know my Subway Art Post from yesterday with this picture right… Do you see the little burlap board with hearts making a heart on the right? Well, I made that a couple of nights ago and wasn’t sure if I was going to post a tutorial on it until I got a comment […]

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Scott’s Veinti- UNO Party!

Things have been INSANE lately! Wade had an exploratory surgery on Friday which turned up not one answer to his current pain problem but he seems to be recovering well. Also this last weekend was Scott’s birthday party and one of my classes ended so needless to say I have been stressed out and BUSY. […]

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