cranberry napkin rings

Cranberry Napkin Rings

It was a sick day here today. Little one has a fever and is not herself :(

So I went to the store to get the normal crackers and high vitamin c/electrolytes beverages that come with a sick day and thought I would pick up a couple of things  for Thanksgiving since I was there. I am not doing the whole meal at my house this year and don’t get to make everything so it wasn’t that much. Last year I made my own cranberry sauce and Wade will never go back, so I grabbed some whole cranberries, and they were such a great price I grabbed 2 more bags!

I still get to decorate the table and since I had two bags of cranberries, I figured they should play a role. I wasn’t sure if I had enough for the orbs or wreaths so I came up with napkin rings and this way I will still have enough left to float them in a vase with water.

They were super simple to make and all you need is some wire (I had colored wire but you could easily use the cheap silver floral wire), cranberries, needle nose pliers and wire cutters. 

I cut all the pieces of wire, I wrapped them around a can as a guide and made them a little bit longer. Then I used the needle nose pliers to curl one end. 

Then filled it up with cranberries, I did it from “north pole to south pole” so to speak so that it was as stable as possible.

Then I folded up the end.

Trimmed it.

Put it through the loop at the beginning.

And curled it also.

I am really happy with the way they came out and can’t wait to see them on the table!

Keep in mind though, they are cranberries and they need to stay in the fridge until Thursday so that they are fresh when they are on the table.

What is your plan for the Thanksgiving table?

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  1. Jacinda November 22, 2012 at 12:17 am #

    This is so creative! If I was having guests over I’d totally do this!