craft room organization tips

Craft Room Organization Tips

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It’s fall! Well, I guess not technically, but usually when school is back in session we start justifying pumpkins, boots and scarfs. Another thing fall means to me is cleaning… hear me out! We all know about Spring cleaning and feel like it is a thing, but I am hear to state my case for fall cleaning. In the next few months there will be more people in  my house and more gatherings than the last nine months of the year combined. Paired with that is the fact that summer throws me way off schedule and I just don’t have the same cleaning routines I like to maintain during the school year. That is why every fall I get the urge to pair down and organize to not only get rid of the clutter, but start getting my home “company ready” for all the holidays from Rosh Hashanah (mid-September this year) through New Year’s day. One of the rooms that takes the biggest hit during the summer is certainly my craft room so today I am sharing my tips and tricks to organizing your creative space.

craft room organization

To start, there has to be a before photo right?! Well, since we are friends, I am willing to share this gnarly before photo with you, also because there is an after photo that will shortly follow. Check it out… if you dare.

Yeah, I agree, it is pretty bad and was certainly a lot of work but this is what happens when you run out of bucket list items and let your daughter go through to look for things for her latest art project so you can go to the bathroom by yourself. I am sure you understand. My first step? Honestly, going shopping. Nothing gets me more excited to organize a space than some new bins and organizing solutions. That is why I ran to Walmart to grab the essentials; in addition to baskets and hooks, I had to grab one thing you may not have thought of, ZonePerfect® bars. Why, you ask?  Because I know me, and this is something you can probably relate to as well, but may not have broken down. When I know that I am diving into a large multi-hour project, I know I will need a snack and I also know that if I stop what I am doing to go have said snack, I will fall into the Instagram Story rabbit hole and lose all my momentum. In comes the ZonePerfect® bar, I can open it while I am going through bins and it keeps me going while also being a smart snack option. As you can see, I couldn’t choose one box so I grabbed a few, my husband sure was not upset by this either. I grabbed ZonePerfect® Dark Chocolate Almond, ZonePerfect®Fudge Graham and ZonePerfect®Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and if you sign up with Ibotta, you can get $1.00 of your purchase of a 5 count box! Interested in trying ZonePerfect® bars during your next organizational project? Hover over the photo to click through to and buy them!

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Next, baskets and bins. Now, along one wall of my craft room I have two cube storage systems which results in 18 cubbies, this is quiet a few baskets and can get pretty pricey, pretty fast. In addition to this, it is a tall order to go into any story and expect to find 18 matching baskets on the first try. While yes, I am certain I could go to to find what I need, I am impulsive when it comes to cleaning and when I get the idea, I need to jump on it while I am still motivated. So, off to the store I went and instead of buying 18 matching bins, I went with a grey and white color scheme and found coordinating bins in a variety of styles. Not only does this make things visually interesting, it also allows me to save on some bins while splurging a bit on others. Can I buy 18 $15 bins? Not really, but buying a few $5 bins lets me also purchase a few of the other ones I have my eyes on. In addition to that, I like to use clear glass storage containers I already have at the house to add to the look.

Also, while I was a the store I grabbed some small sectioned containers, these are great for organizing all my letter board letters. This trend is hot and heavy right now, and if you are anything like me, you do not love searching for one more letter “K” for your latest Pinterst worthy quote. To solve this problem, I sort all my letters in the divided trays to reduce the searching efforts and an even better idea is to grab some letter stickers to label each section for even easier access.

Next up, my vinyl storage. Now, this is how I store full rolls, scrap storage will have to be a whole other post, but I like to keep extra of the colors I use most often and the best way I have found so far is simple dowels and hooks on the wall. These are super simple to put up and all I have to do is screw the hooks into the wall and put the dowel through each one and the vinyl.

My last idea, might just be the easiest. If you are anything like me, you have a dozen or so of each size cutting mats for your cutting machine and no where to put them. Well, a simple hook is all you need! I added this to the side of my craft table and now my mats are easily accessible, and stored in way that truly takes advantage of unused space.

These are by far my favorite tips for tackling a craft room clean up and I certainly hope they were helpful! Please share your tips and Little Wins™ with me in the comments below!

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