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Craft Materials You Can Find at the Grocery Store!

I don’t know about you, but for me, even though I have a Michaels and a JoAnns pretty close to my house, I have a grocery store that is literally 2 minutes away. If I can find any craft materials there, I will always take the shorter trip! Through the years I have re-purposed a variety of items I have found there into fun wreaths and thought I would do a round up! I hope you look at the aisle off your grocery store in a new way after this post!

grocery store craft materials

The best part is, while many of these have a certain theme or color scheme, you can personalize any of them for whatever holiday, theme or colors you need! Let’s get started!

1. Coffee Filters– I love coffee filters in the white, the brown or dyed to whatever color possible! Check these wreaths out!

Fall Coffee Filter Wreath


Frozen Dyed Coffee Filter Wreath

frozen wreath

2. Paper Bags– These are a new favorite and I am pretty sure you will see a few more versions of this one as well!

Paper Bag Wreath


3. Napkins– There are a million possibilities!! They can be almost anything and you can arrange them in a number of ways!

Patriotic Napkin Wreath


Chevron Napkin Wreath


Fast and Easy Napkin Wreath


4. Balloons– Can you believe you can craft with these too? I love how this wreath came out!

Balloon Wreath

balloon wreath

5. Cupcake Liners– These are like napkins, so many options and so little time!

Birthday Wreath


Traditional Cupcake Liner Wreath (One of my all time favorites!)

march 8 2011 091

6. Pool Noodles- Many off these wreaths were made on pool noodle forms that I grabbed while at the grocery store as so as they went on sale. Because of that, most, if not all of these wreaths can be made for under $10!!

balloon wreath 3

Have fun grocery shopping! And between you and me, I am working on another wreath with a found material from the grocery store!!



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