couponing things you just need to accept

Couponing {things you just need to accept}

Welcome to the second post about couponing! 
This post is about some of the things that just come along with couponing that I am not going to pretend don’t exist or try to hide. 

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{couponing takes time, but not as much as you think}
It just does, you need to check out ads, clip coupons, put them in the binder and shop. I would say each weekend when I am just clipping that weeks coupons and putting them away it takes around an hour depending on how many inserts came that week. Checking ads doesn’t take a ton of extra time, but you have to do it each Monday (or whenever yours come out, ours come in the mail on Mondays)- I am a dork and it is something I look forward to each week. 
{for most things, you can’t be brand specific}
I totally get being a creature of habbit, I have ONE type of contact solution I use, one brand. That is it- no exceptions but I can’t be that way about everything. I know that each week I need yogurt, granola bars, crackers, pasta, sauce and so on but the brand never matters to me, it is whatever is cheapest.
{grocery shopping will take a bit longer}
I get it, I have a toddler and a 22 year old with Fragile X, both of which don’t share my coupon enthusiasm, but I have shopped with them, used my coupons and survived to tell the tale. In all honesty, I like grocery shopping because it is like a casino and treasure hunt all in one. 
{you need more than one paper a week}
Think about it, coupons come out about once every 4-6 weeks, if you use yogurt each week then you need at least 4 coupons to get you through to the next coupon/insert. The general rule that most go by is one for every member of your family. I always get four unless it is a good week, then I will get more. 
{coupons are seasonal}
Coupons follow the trends of the season, beginning of the year is more weight loss type stuff, fall brings more lunch coupons, winter is more baking and pantry staples. It is both good and bad, but just how it works, that is why people stock up on things they need and use.
But here is how I break all that down, it takes time- I will estimate 4 hours a week. That is probably over estimating most weeks. However, I save at least $100 a week, that is like making $25 and hour couponing, that is a pretty good wage- and makes it totally worth it. 

2 Responses to Couponing {things you just need to accept}

  1. Lindsay January 31, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Oh, this info is SO helpful! Thanks for posting it! I need to get back into couponing, it helps a lot!

  2. Kelley - Not dying, bucket list LIVING! January 31, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Thanks for the confirmation I need to get back to CLIPPING! :) I do save some $$ on GROUPON! This was just what I needed to jump back in the couponing…