couponing the pharmacies

Couponing {The Pharmacies}

We have almost made it through my semi-comprehensive couponing crash course!!
 This last section, for me was the most difficult and what I got comfortable with after everything else. Now, it really is that difficult just more stuff to think about than the rest of the couponing.
I am talking about the pharmacies, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. There are some great deals to be had at these places and mostly on health and beauty, personal care and cleaning items.
What makes their couponing a little more involved and the deals that much greater is their addition of bonus rewards.
For CVS they are called “Extra Bucks”
For Walgreens they are called “Register Rewards”
For Rite Aid they are called “+UP Rewards”
For CVS and Rite Aid you need to have their store cards to get these deals.
We will jump into these after you click “Read More”

Basically all of them are the same idea, each store just has a different name for them. What they are is if you buy a certain item, or certain number of item, they will give you an predetermined amount, listed in the ad, back in the form of a store reward. This will come out in a separate paper as a catalina out of the register, or on your receipt. What you do with these is use them on your next transaction, like a gift card, to get that amount of money off.
SO, if you see in the ad that if you buy a razor that costs $10 you will get $3 in store rewards back, it is like getting it for $7. It is only “like” getting it for $7 because you will still pay the $10 (or less if you have a coupon) but you will get money back to use on another transaction.
Here is the trick, the way to make these deals work is to do multiple transactions, so instead of buying everything together, you break it up into 2 or 3 transactions so you can use your store rewards to get the money off of what you need to buy that day. What you need to take into consideration is that if you want to buy two razors, you will buy one and then if you buy the other one and use the store reward you got from that one to buy the second one- you won’t get another reward. You have to use your rewards on a different item.
If that was tricky enough, Walgreens throws a wrench into the mix. They are the store that doesn’t have a store card which is cool, but they have this weird little rule where the number of coupons you have has to equal the number of items you are going to buy.
Let’s think about this:
Ok, so you can still stack store coupons and manufacturer coupons, and use your Register Rewards, you just have to do some math.
So say you were buying 3 items, for item 1- you have a store coupon, for item 2- you have a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon, for item 3- you have a manufacturer coupon, you also have a Register Reward catalina you want to use.
That is 3 items and 5 coupons (2 store, 2 manufacturer and a catalina) so you need to grab 2 “filler” items to before you can go to the register, these are anything low in price to bring up your item count without affect your total too much. Examples are small candies or holiday pencils and so on.
I did previously a couple of Sunday Deals post where I would share what I got and what coupons I used and really, they are just a lot of work to write so I leave that to the pros, but here is a snipet of one of those posts that I thought I would share for examples sake.
First we went to Walgreens:
Transaction #1
Cottonelle 12pk toilet paper- 2 for $6.50 AND get $3.50 RR for use on next purchase (today only!)
  • $5 each, bought 2 for $10, used $1 coupon from August coupon book (in store, and this coupon was    good on two so got $1 off each one) AND used $.75 manufacturer coupon.
Dawn dish soap- 2 small bottles for $1
  • On sale this week for $.99 and used 2 coupons from today’s paper for $.50 of one. (I buy multiple papers so that is why I have 2)
Crayola Marker 8 count- $2 and get $2 good on next purchase
Small Legal Pads- 3 for $1 (filler)
  • coupon from Walgreens insert in this Sunday’s paper
Total $11.14 and then I used $5.50 RR from last week and paid $6.14 and got back $5 RR for next purchase. 
Total out of pocket: $6.14
Total Saved: $17.56
RR for next purchase: $5.50
Transaction #2
Scope outlast- 2 for $4.50 + $3 RR good on next purchase
  • On sale 2/$6 and used 2 $.75 coupons
Goody Snap Clips- $2 + $2 RR good on next purchase
3 packs of 2 count erasers $.60 (filler)
  • Coupon from Walgreens ad/insert
Total: ($8.06) – ($5.50 RR from Transaction #1) = $2.56 out of pocket
Total Spent: $2.56
Total Saved: $15.87
RR for next purchase: $5
Total from both transactions: $8.70
Total Value of items from both transactions: $42.13
Total Saved from both transactions $33.43
RR left for next transaction: $5
Transaction #1
Gillette fusion proglide razor- $5.99
  • Used $4 coupon from this Sunday’s paper
Bottle of water for thirsty Scott $.99
Total: $6.98 (plus tax) – $5 Extra bucks from last week = $2.90
Total Spent: $2.90
Total Saved: $13.59
EB for next transaction: $5
Transaction #2
Revlon Lip Gloss- ($5.79 on sale) I spent $4.79 + $3EB good on next purchase
  • Used $1 off Revlon Coupon 
Dawn dish soap- 2 small bottles for $1
  • On sale this week for $.99 and used 2 coupons from today’s paper for $.50 of one. (remember I buy a bunch of papers lol)
Skinny cow singles snacks- $.99 each, I got 2 for .99 + $.99 EB on one 
  • Buy one get one free printable from here (I disabled the link because it is old)
Total ($7.44) – ($5  EB from Transaction 1) = $2.44 + $3.99 EB for next purchase
Total Spent: $5.40
Total Value of items: $30.93
Total Saved: $25.59
EB for next purchase- $3.99
Sooooooooo Grand Totals for the day from both stores:
Spent: $14.04
Valued at: $73.06
Saved: $59.02
Money for next purchases (RR and EB): $8.99
Not to shabby!! Of course prices, stock of items and values vary by region and I post my trips only to inspire you to search the professional coupon blogs and get into this yourself!
Let me know if you have any questions!!
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