coupon book for avery

Coupon Book For Avery

I have really gotten into this couponing thing, enough to have upgraded to a large, zippered binder, but not soo much that I buy 293,842,734,273 bottles of mustard. I invest a few hours a week and it is worth it to me to be able to save 20$-50$ each week. 
And I would like to brainwash train Avery in the art of being cheap frugal.
Because, let’s face it, she will NEVER be the kid wearing the 9,000$ jeans that ‘everyone’ has, unless they are on sale at Ross for 20$. We might as well just make it second nature now. 
That is where this game came from, I took a bunch of expired coupons, glued them to construction paper to make them a bit more sturdy an laminated them. Then I put them in my old accordion coupon folder and let her go to town! 
I have to admit, when I randomly asked her last Sunday to go find me a coupon … and she walked back over with one of them for me I was a PROUD mama!! LOL My, almost, 16 month old knows what coupons are, it is a good party trick, haha!
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2 Responses to Coupon Book For Avery

  1. Kara @ Mine for the Making June 9, 2011 at 6:36 am #

    too cute!!! i totally agree..teach them young! and what a clever way to do that. let me in on your couponing secrets ?

  2. Jackie H. June 9, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Great idea to laminate them like that. My boys both love when I clean out my coupon stash but the coupons only last through one time of play. Also, my son used to use my old coupons for “tickets” on the dinosaur train. He would lay them out and go around yelling, “Tickets, tickets please!” lol