copper green tablescape

Copper & Green Tablescape

Happy New Year y’all! What better way to ring in the new year than with my tablescape … from Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know, it is quite a few weeks late but I don’t love it any less and really, I think a lot of it is a general farmhouse theme that could work throughout winter and well, I just wanted to share it with y’all, mkay? If I was the type to make new year’s resolutions, mine would be to make attainable goals and stick to them. I am sure that you will find this surprising if you know me (or watch my instagram stories), but I tend to take on a lot and then want to do all of it with far more detail than necessary. Because of that, a simple resolution like blogging again will turn into blogging 7 days a week and posting 5 YouTube videos as well and I will fail most certainly before the second week of the year. Not this time, hopefully. My goal is to post a few times a week and do one YouTube video and hopefully that is something I can stick too, mostly because I quite enjoy blogging and the crafty stuff I blog about so this is almost like accountability for my self care… if that is a thing. But anyways, the point of this was to share my tablscape, so let’s get back to that.

I loved this table, like not only my top three for the year, but maybe ever. I have been wanting to do a farmhouse theme but that can be rather pricey when you are talking 20-30 people so when I found out my Thanksgiving was going to be pretty small, I jumped at the opportunity and bought a few new pieces. Now, I am not sure if you can remember that far back but one of the big exciting things was the new Hearth and Hand line from Magnolia at Target and like many other bloggers, instagramers, people, I loved pretty much all of it. That is where the napkins and little black plates came from, the rosemary I grew myself. Ok, I am lying, my husband grew it his self. The placemats I grabbed at Big Lots and actually, this is the back of them that is face up, they are silver on the other side which was not what I was going for but the mat black backside was perfect!

Those paired nicely with the plates and glasses I already had and all worked beautifully with the faux farmhouse table topper I built for my folding table. Yup, you read that right, a FAUX farmhouse table. I should have taken pictures of this process because I really feel like it was genius. I bought 6 1×6 boards from Home Depot and used some scrap 1×2 pieces underneath to hold them all together and painted the whole thing white. When it was done it looked kind of like I just popped it off a fence, laid right on top of my folding table and it gave the look of a farmhouse table but for a fraction of the price. The best part? I can save it and reuse it over and over! It stores easily in my garage with the rest of my not-as-convenient-don’t-fold flat tables.


This table was the epitome of a silver lining because I was unreasonably bummed about having such a small Thanksgiving dinner but in the end it was an amazing day and I loved this table, like almost enough to consider making it my wallpaper on my phone.

That’s all of today, here’s hoping my next post isn’t in 3 months!




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