colorful lunch buffet

Colorful Lunch Buffet

Here is a little thing about me.

Sometimes I take things over.

So when my husband told me that it was his month to get lunch for the whole office, I was more than happy to take that job off of his hands.

It is what I do.

But then I go overboard a bit, I think it is so fun and why not?! Here is what his simple lunch turned into:

party 4

I made a sandwich bar for everyone because I couldn’t warm anything up really and this was an easy meal that could be served cold.

I got really colorful with summer ending with my table setting and got to break out some chargers, napkins and cups in fun bright colors. I loved it! (Yup, I made all the guys in the office eat off flower plates- priceless.)


Also, during these lunches they celebrate all the birthdays for the month so we had to make cupcakes as well. I love when they can be displayed in a new way with the little plastic cups and and some paper shred. I had gotten a couple of fun new silicone fondant molds from Wholeport (the one I used can be found HERE)and I knew I had to add a fondant embellishment to the cupcakes and I think the little medallion came out really well! It was quick and easy to make too!

party four

I needed to color my fondant so I used my food coloring that is the same brand as the fondant just put a drop in the middle of a tennis ball amount of fondant. You can always add more but it really doesn’t take much. Then I just worked it in until it was the color I wanted.


After that I took a small bit, like the size of a nickel, and pressed it into the mold. Then I took my fondant rolling pin and rolled it out to make it flat and even. I had the lid to another type of food coloring (all these supplies that I just have, you would think I was crafty in the kitchen too) that fit perfectly to cut the excess fondant from around the edges. I let them dry out overnight and then put them on the top of each one of the lemon cupcakes. YUM!

fondant 2It was so much fun and I think that everyone enjoyed having a fun lunch to break up their day!

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