color mixing fun with barbie

Color Mixing Fun with Barbie!

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Mixing colors never seems to get old. I am 31 and watercolors are still extremely engaging and if I could, I would for sure have that awesome rainbow hair you see everywhere. But, since I don’t have a money tree for fun, outrageous hairstyles, Barbie is certainly the next best thing! Recently we were sent the Barbie® Mix ‘N Color doll to try, and Avery had a blast mixing colors and applying them to Barbie doll’s hair—it was the perfect afternoon activity! Check it out:


When the Barbie® Mix ‘N Color doll first arrived, I may have been just as excited as Avery. Barbie® was a huge part of my childhood, and it is so neat that Avery is entering that age group now. This Mix ‘N Color doll adds another layer of fun because it turns an activity we already enjoy into an art project another activity we both love!

Barbie 2

The best part is, when you are done creating and customizing Barbie doll’s hair color, all the fun rinses right out and she is ready to go for a new hairstyle when you are ready! It really reinforces the Barbie® message that #YouCanBeAnything.

barbie 6

I love the handy tray that comes with the doll and how colors can be on their own, or you can use the bigger color card section to mix and match to create new colors. This could be great for younger children to explore what happens with red mixes with blue and so on. This preschool teacher always finds the awesome educational benefits of toys.

Barbie 4

Avery’s birthday is coming up, so I may have to run over to Walmart, Target and Toys “R” Us. to pick up another Barbie® Mix ‘N Color doll so we each can have one. It is also conveniently sold at Amazon .

What was your favorite Barbie® from childhood? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure to follow Barbie® on Twitter and Facebook!

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