color injecting sensory play

Color Injecting Sensory Play

I really have been enjoying trying new sensory play ideas this summer and this one was also another hit! I remember seeing this idea years and years and years ago in a photo from another teacher when I had just started taking classes in Child Development. I knew it looked cool and that I had to try it but for some reason, it took almost a decade to actually give it ago. But since I did, I have made it three times, one for Avery and 2 for the preschool. You have to try it!


It is super simple to put together, first you need Knox gelatin, it is a flavorless gelatin but it is much sturdier for sensory play. I used 8 packets (a double recipe for Knox blocks that is on the side of the box) and 8 cups of water. I added two cups of water, sprinkled on the packets of gelatin, poured 6 cups of boiling water on top and stirred it up. I put it in a bowl and popped it in the fridge overnight.


The next day, after I inverted the gelatin onto a plate (white is best so you can see the colors) I simply mixed food coloring with water in some cups and grabbed an eye dropper.


The water just gets sucked up, then you inject the dropper into the gelatin and squeeze in the food coloring. Sometimes it squirts out the bottom, sometimes the top but it is always interesting!


Avery had a blast check it out and trying all the colors and it starts to look so cool the more colors you inject! Plus this is great small muscle work with the fingers and hands which really helps with writing development.


So much fun! Plus you can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days so they can revisit it as much as they like!


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