color dipped wood vase

Color Dipped Wood Vase

I love a quick project using materials I can find around the house, because then they carry my favorite price- FREE!

Isn’t that the best?

Here is my latest craft using materials I found lying around my garage, what do you think?

wood scrap vase

Fun, right?? It came together really quick which is my second favorite craft characteristic. All I used were some scrap pieces of 1×2, my saw, some hot glue and some spray paint.

First I cut all the 1×2 I had down to about 8 inches (I needed 12 pieces and this is as big as I could get them and still get 12 out of what I had, it came out to be a pretty good size). Then I started hot gluing panels of 3 together. You could also use a combo of hot glue and wood glue- the hot glue does a great job of holding the wood in place until things like wood glue dry and really do the job. I already accepted this was not going to be water tight or anything like that and the hot glue is doing a great job for me so far. Then I just started gluing the panels together, this is not going to be a square but a rectangle so keep that in mind (you could glue it differently and get more of a square shape but I liked this look).

wood scrap vase 2

I just kept gluing panels on until they were all there and it was done! I didn’t put a bottom on because I am going to sit a cup inside for water for the flowers, I didn’t see the need in extra work if the piece was not going to be seen or functional. One of those collapsible plastic vases that you can find at the dollar store would be great for this too. Then I taped off about midway up the vase for my painting. Then I added some paper that I had near me (from Avery’s craft box) and covered up the top so there would not be any over-spray.

wood scrap vase 3

Then all that was left was to take it to the garage and add a pop of color! I love the way it came out and the teal with all the oranges, browns and reds of fall looks really great together.

wood vase 3

What is you favorite way to craft with what you have on hand??
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