coffee donut crazy hair day tutorial

Coffee and Donut Crazy Hair Day Tutorial

We had our first official crazy hair day at camp today and it was pretty fun for both me and Avery! It all started with the one and only , pinterest where Avery found the 1 picture that didn’t link anywhere helpful and decided that was what she wanted- here is how I did it! I already can’t wait until the next crazy hair day!

First, I will start with the support piece, a sock bun. Now, I had one of those commercial spongy versions but of course I couldn’t find that this morning so I went with the next best thing (it might even be a bit better as it is certainly sturdier) a sock with the toe cut off and then rolled all the way until the end. Super easy.

Next, the donut needs frosting and we picked pink, so I grabbed a piece of felt, laid it over the sock bun and traced around for the frosting so it would fit, I just used the closest marker I could find.

Once it was drawn, I cut it out and added sprinkles with various colored permanent markers. I thought puff paints would be adorable but I didnt’ already have those and couldn’t justify spending the money just to make sprinkles on frosting that was probably going to get thrown away quickly.

The picture also had a to go cup and while I thought about picking one up, why not make one?! I used the to go coffee cup from the kit “Good Day at the Office” and personalized the label on my Cricut Explore in Design Space. In the end, It worked out well because it was really light for her to wear around all day.

I needed to make a hole in the plate, and to make sure I did it in the right place, I put the sock bun and cup on the plate together and used a pen to make a mark in the middle of the sock bun where the hole would be, super easy.

Then I used scissors to make a hole, start with it being a bit smaller so you can make it bigger if needed.

Once all those pieces were made, it was time to put her hair up and I started with a side pony at the top of her head.

Then I put the plate through, and the hole gradually got bigger until I got the whole pony tail through. I then made 5 or so tiny holes under where the cup will sit to pin that side of the plate to her head.

I added the sock bun to the pony and bobby pins through all the little holes going in various directions to make sure it sat securely.

At this point it is standard sock bun procedure, lay out the hair to cover the sock and add another hair tie over it to secure. This kind of would have been a hilarious place to stop for another crazy hair day lol, it looks like a hat made of hair!

Then I gathered and rolled the hair around the base and pinned as I went.

At that is left for the donut at this point is the frosting! I used these wider and pointier pins to make tiny holes in the felt to secure it to her head.

Almost done! I just needed to attach the coffee cup and to do this I added hot glue to the majority of the bottom of the cup, I avoided the side that would be the closest to the bun because I wanted to make sure not to hot glue her hair. Then I let it sit for an extra second and attached it to the plate, I held my hand under to make sure it wasn’t too warm on her head but Avery didn’t even flinch so I am sure she didn’t feel anything.

Then it is done! I love how this came out and everyone at camp got a kick out of it too! Also, it was the best excuse ever to pick up these plates I have been eyeing for months at Joanns but haven’t had a reason to buy- until now and with a coupon!

What are your favorite ways to do crazy hair day for your kids? Let me know in the comments below!


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