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2016 Preschool Classroom Tour

We have just started another new school year and this classroom may have taken the most work since my very first year of teaching. Both that year and this year I was taking a room from scratch and creating a space that I will spend the next 10 months in, that is quite a task! […]

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Classroom Tour 2015

Another year, another classroom tour! This year our classrooms got painted so we did a full overhaul on the color scheme and one of the teachers refers to it as a “spa retreat”. I will take that! I love to create a relaxing atmosphere for the kids to work, learn and play in and with […]

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"We Do" Sign

I have been working on sharing all the posts I said I would write when I shared my classroom tour last week and her is another one that I am really happy with!   It is a sign that gives a great impression of the values of my classroom, it was inspired by this pinterest […]

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DIY Calendar For Kids

I shared my calendar last week when I posted my classroom tour and while I don’t think there are tons of teachers that would use this, though of course they could, I do think that there are a lot of homeschooling moms in blog land or moms of littles that might want to integrate some […]

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Classroom Tour!

I worked many, many hours last week getting my classroom together and I am so excited to share it with the new families this week! But also, I thought I would share it with my wonderful blog friends! This year I am going to teach 18 month olds and I really feel like this is […]

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Frame Collage {Plus Aweseom Tip!}

I have been busy, busy this week putting together my classroom and I have been working from the ground up! I spent the first day organizing and then the second day placing all the centers and moving furniture. Now I get to start on some of the project pieces and wall decor items! I have […]

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