classroom tour 2015

Classroom Tour 2015

Another year, another classroom tour! This year our classrooms got painted so we did a full overhaul on the color scheme and one of the teachers refers to it as a “spa retreat”. I will take that! I love to create a relaxing atmosphere for the kids to work, learn and play in and with the help of my Co-Teacher, I think that was achieved this year!

classroom tour 2015 13

Let’s start with one of the first areas when we walk in, the writing center. One of the things that you will see a lot in the classroom are empty frames and the point is to fill them with art and work from the children throughout the year.

classroom tour 2015 3

A closer look at the table shows a fun adding machine, some keyboards, pencils, stickers and paper. The kids loved it today!

classroom tour 2015 2

Next to that is the reading area. Our reading area was admittedly not great last year so we really wanted to make it a focal point this year and I think that we did that and then some!

I love the alphabet wall which I have shared on the blog before, but because of the change in the wall color, the letters got a makeover as well!

classroom tour 2015 4

We also added some tissue paper poofs over the top as well!

classroom tour 2015 5

Next up, on the other side of the room, is the block area which didn’t get too much of a make over. We did however add contact paper in the shape of the blocks to help the children during clean up time.

classroom tour 2015 8

Above that is another wall of frames that will soon be full of art!

classroom tour 2015 9

There is also another set of frames in the meeting time area, I also have my white board and shelves for taking notes and other visual aids during meeting time.

classroom tour 2015 10

In our art area near by, why have a new thing that I am excited about, our beautiful stuff collection which is out of the way enough to not get all mixed up by accident but low enough to be appreciated as well.

classroom tour 2015 11

On the other side of the table in the art area is the self self art shelf which I think is an important part of any preschool classroom- how else are we going to start filling frames immediately!

classroom tour 2015 12

Last, but not least, our science table which is set up for bugs because with another boy heavy class, it is sure to go over well.

classroom tour 2015 6

There you go, a quick run through of our classroom this year!

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