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Classroom Tour!

I worked many, many hours last week getting my classroom together and I am so excited to share it with the new families this week! But also, I thought I would share it with my wonderful blog friends!
This year I am going to teach 18 month olds and I really feel like this is a dynamic classroom that will offer activities for a variety of interests… but on with the tour!!
I took pictures of all the centers because that is the exciting part of the classroom, of course there are cubbies, diaper table, sink, and the regular stuff but it isn’t super thrilling to photograph. 
Next to my sign in table is the independent art area, being the art teacher I am, I wanted to make sure there was an area to the classroom that had art supplies for them to access at their desire in addition to planned projects and activities. There is also an easel set up in another part of the room that I didn’t get a picture of for some reason.
 This is under the picture frame wall from THIS tutorial. 
 Here is a close up of the shelf, I have dot paints from the dollar store, stickers, dolies ( I thought they would be fun for stickers, paint or drawing), tape dispenser, chalk and boards, white construction paper (when given the choice I always provide plain white paper), glitter in seasoning bottles (duh, I am a glitter-a-holic), an empty basket that I am sure will be filled with something soon and a bucket of crayons.
 On top I have the tree stump crayon holder from THIS tutorial, glue in baby food bottles, markers and an easel. I will also have the colored pencil one up here as well when it is finished. 

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 Next, I will move on to the reading area. Here I set the couch in one of the corners of the room and put a small circle table behind it with a couple of baskets of books. I made the pillows and they will come up in a future tutorial. The mesh hanging net was already in the class but I am sure could be picked up at some place like Ikea. There is also an additional basket of books on the side, this reading area is designed for kids to go on their own, me to read stories with them or for their parents to sit with them and talk about the day or look through books. 
Next is the shelf on he side of the room where I do meeting time. I chose to stock this shelf with musical instruments on one pair of shelves, books about animals above animal puppets on the next pair and on the third pair I have assorted phones on the bottom and on the top is where I am going to have the kids family books. This way they can look through their books when they miss their families and give them a ‘call’, it is always very sweet!
Then, I have the dramatic play area, my little kitchen set is still in need of some embellishment but that is it’s own post and when you see where these started…you will agree they could stay like this and be a VAST improvement. Above the dramatic play area is also where the wine cork framed cork boards are, that tutorial is HERE
Near that is the science area, there is a light table, shells, tree bark, colored disks, and insects set in acrylic blocks all with assorted magnifying glasses. Of course make sure everything is big enough, I have a little tube that you try and fit things in and if they fit they are too small for the classroom, pretty helpful. 
That moves into the manipulative area where there are puzzles and games. I have a carpet for them to work on because generally they just get pulled onto the floor anyways. But there is a table near by if they want to work there instead. I also put up a couple of lego plates on the back of the shelf and a basket between them for the kids to build on the floor or out from the wall. 
Last, but not least, in the center is the sensory table area, I am glad that I can have a shelf near this that has tools and materials to facilitate this type of play. My favorite is the colored sand in applicator bottles from THIS tutorial.

Over by the storage area of the classroom I have a bunch of cupboards where I store the art supplies, on top I have a few things like paint and brushes that would be used daily. Above that I hung branches with twine and then twine down from the branches attached to clothes pins to clip up art .

What do you think? I am so excited for the first day of school!

3 Responses to Classroom Tour!

  1. Lindsay August 28, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

    Oh my goodness, you have been working hard. It looks awesome! I love all the details that you’ve added. Your kids are going to love being in such a fun room! Great job Michelle!

  2. Beth August 28, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    Love your room, very inviting and organized. I teach an early childhood environments course for a community college….I am taking a break right now by checking out blogs:)! Glad I saw yours!

  3. Creatively Content August 28, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Michelle, Congrats on a great job done. Look great and makes learning look fun and inviting. Way to go. Thank you for sharing.