Christmas Decor from Disney!

Christmas Decor From Disneyland!

We are a dual holiday household, we do up Hanukkah because we are Jewish, but I grew up with Christmas so I still have a lot of fun traditions I want to pass on plus, I just really enjoy Christmas decorations! I was recently at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure park and it was the week before their big kick off for Christmas (That happened today!). I was loving what I was seeing so far but I thought Cars Land at California Adventure had some super fun Christmas Decor Ideas! These would be so much fun in a front yard, especially of a car lover!!

Disney Decor Ideas 2

It all started with this fun tire tree that had garland, ornaments and fake snow. I have a bunch of tires in my yard for planters, I wonder if I can make it work?! It is just too cute!!

Disney Christmas DecorAfter that I saw this fun freeway sign tree that I also loved. I am much less confident in my ability to recreate this, in that I couldn’t, but I am sure a sign collector could make something work!

disney decor ideas 3

Then the biggest tree was the hubcap one at the end of cars land. Super impressive and adorable! Plus double points for the air filter garland in the background! What would be cute and easy to do from this picture is the tires with poinsettias inside. Adorable!!

disney decor ideas 4

I can’t wait to go back and see everything finished- I am thinking for my birthday!

I didn’t plan on being able to take away so many fun ideas but since I did, I thought I would share them with you!



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