christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a great holiday and I hope you did too! It started out like this, around 9 in the morning (we all slept in!).

christmas 2013 2

 Then I learned this:

Christmas 2013 8

It is pretty awesome.

So is PicMonkey.

Also, equally awesome, puppies who get bows stuck on their paws.

christmas 2014 5

But back to the present opening. All our bows became headbands and she totally was working on cutting skills during the process- everything is a learning opportunity.

christmas 2013 3

The dogs got gifts too, but naturally, Queen Penny must choose which one she wants before any other dogs get to choose.

christmas 2013 6

Oh, and you know I had to have a little fun with the table.

christmas 2013 5

xoxo Michelle.

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