chocolate dipped marshmallow pops

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pops

I love making fun and easy sweet treats and especially for Valentine’s Day! Also, there is usually a dance at Scott’s day program for Valentine’s Day and they request bake sale items to sell to raise money for his program and I like to try out some fun ideas I can make in bulk for that as well. This would be perfect to make for a class or bake sale because they are so fast and easy you can make a few dozen in no time! Check out these chocolate dipped marshmallow pops!

marshmallow pops

For these I grabbed some red melting chocolate, heart shaped marshmallows and fun Valentine’s themed sprinkles.

marshmallow pops 2
I melted the chocolate in a double boiler until it was smooth, only takes 5 minutes or so. This is probably the most time consuming part of the whole process! Then I dipped just the bottom portion of the heart in the chocolate,

marshmallow pops 3

then in the sprinkles,

marshmallow pops 4

and then I stuck half of a paper straw in the bottom. You have to do this part right after the sprinkles because you want to make sure that the straw can go in while the chocolate is still melted. As it hardens it secures the marshmallow on the paper straw stick.

marshmallow pops 5

Then you can get small little lollipop bags from the craft store and pop them in, tie it off with some ribbon or baker’s twine and you are good to go!

marshmallow pops 6

It is such a fun and easy recipe and kids always go crazy for a chocolate dipped marshmallow because, well, why wouldn’t they?? What is your favorite Valentine’s day treat? Let me know in the comments below!


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