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Chevron Pillow {Tutorial}

We all know how hot Chevron patterns are right now and I have been finding ways to make them without the use of a silhouette. 
More about that and to find another idea click HERE.
I wanted to make a pillow that would coordinate with the rest of my Scrabble pillows in the second living room and this seemed like a fun addition. I still hope to make a few more, I like a lot of pillows.
I am very happy with the way that it came out but I think someone else has adopted it as their own….
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  • Two patterns of fabric 
  • Steam a seam or other fusible webbing
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors and pen
  • Pillow fluff. 
This is what the package of the webbing I used looks like, I am a visual person and I got a question about it with the Scrabble pillow project. 
First, I measured my fabric to the size I wanted for the pillow, then I folded the top piece in half. That is when I took a strip of paper, the width I wanted the Chevron to end of being, and laid it diagonally across the fabric. When I got the angle I wanted, I trimmed down each side. 
Then I traced it onto the back of my fusible webbing, I used my template twice to make each chevron. The kind that I am uses says to trace it on the back and apply it to the fabric, with the backing still on.
Then cut out your Chevrons ( I made a few more than this). 
Then, I peeled off the backing, making sure to leave the webbing behind and placed them where I wanted them on the fabric. Next, I just ironed them down!!
To secure it all I sewed very close to the edge, all the way around. 
Next, I just did standard pillow stuff, two sides, right sides together and sew around leaving a hole. 
Fold right side out, stuff and sew close. DONE!
And apparently it is very comfortable. 
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