chanukkiah kid craft

Chanukkiah Kid Craft

Chanukah is almost here!! We are a week away y’all and I wish that I could say that I had everything ready.. but I don’t. But what I do have figured out are some fun Chanukah crafts! Plus they do a great job of keeping Avery busy while I am able to sneak around the house and work on different things. This one especially- plus it comes out so cute!

channukiah kid craft

This is such a fun craft and all you need are some permanent markers, foil and cardstock. Avery loves any chance that she can use my markers and this was no different. You will want to cut your foil just a bit smaller than your paper before yous start.

chanukkiah kid craft 2

Then just let them color! I told Avery that the whole piece of foil needed to be covered because that is how it looks best (and takes them the longest to do).

chanukkiah kid craft 3

After she was done it looked like this- for the older kids I have drawn lines for them to color to make a design, but I liked the way Avery colors whole sheets of papers like this so I let her do her own thing.

chanukkiah kid craft 4

While she was coloring, I cut out a chanukkiah shape on my Cricut Explore, but really I have made dozens of these where I just hand cut out this shape as well.

chanukkiah kid craft 5

Once that was done and she was done, I put adhesive (or you could use a glue stick, this was just sitting right next to me on the craft desk) and put it all over the back of the chanukkiah.

chanukkiah kid craft 6

Then I added the foil piece that she had colored and made sure it was all completely adhered.

chanukkiah kid craft 7

That’s it! Super fun and you could really do this with any shape for any holiday and it will always look great!

chanukkiah kid craft 8

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