chalk painting

Chalk Painting

Today was a rainy day so I was looking for ideas to burn energy while indoors. This is a great project for that and then when it is sunny, we will have an easy activity! 
We made chalk paint, it was super easy, first you choose a piece of  chalk and put it in a bag. Then you get something to start hitting it with to crush the chalk. You will probably need to get it started for younger children, a play hammer might also be helpful but we had chunky puzzle pieces. 
Then you put it in a container and add some water and mix- you could also shake the jar if that is easier. We did both. 

Then it is done! You can take it outside and use it just like chalk on the sidewalk, paint it on and hose it off. Fun stuff!

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  1. Kara @ Mine for the Making February 28, 2012 at 5:13 am #

    Okay…sometimes it’s CREEPY that we are on the exact same wave length at the exact same time. Luci and I did this TODAY after we go home from the park. I searched pinterest to find chalk paint… but they all called for corn starch which I dont happen to have on hand. So we crushed up chalk and added water and it worked just fine! TOO FUNNY!!!! Must be why I heart you ?